Acquire Premier Training in a Comfortable Environment

By Anthony Carrano | In Advocates | on May 12, 2015

“There are few opportunities for a business owner to acquire premier training in a comfortable networking environment when, at the end, no one is soliciting for business. As the owner of Friendly Computers of Georgetown I’m always looking for a moment to stop and reassess where we are, take a look the structure of the company and maybe nudge the rudder a little to move onto a better course. Burgers and Branding came down the road and I grabbed the chance. It was (and is) the real deal.

Ok, first of all, we’re talking about burgers for lunch with 15 or so other business owners in a relaxed atmosphere just talking about business branding fundamentals so how bad can it be? I felt like I was in a college seminar. With food. Discussing the basics of how a business should be constructed, how it is viewed by the customers and how to mold the image of that business into something the clients will point to with pride and say “I’m one of their customers”. The hour and a half was a great opportunity to rethink and maybe retool. And since no one was shilling for any product the conversations with the other attendees tended to be open and interesting.

On the back end there is clearly an open invitation to engage further with the presenting company but this is training, not advertising. The Burgers and Branding group is very sensitive to the difference and it works. All in all it was (twice, for me) a delightful and enlightening way to spend a couple of hours away from the details and engage with the bigger picture of owning a company.”

William Schubert

Owner, Friendly Computers of Georgetown

Friendly Computer of Georgetown




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