Sarah Jabeen

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UX Strategy. Entrepreneurship. Global Branding.

Sarah Jabeen has been running global businesses for close to a decade. She specializes on human-centric design for business growth strategy, processes, customer experience journey, UX strategy to enhance customer service, brand creation, communications and marketing.

Her path in entrepreneurship has always been intrinsically tied to her work in community network building, impact causes marketing and nurturing of youth entrepreneurship development globally.

Her work in nation branding of Bangladesh through running operations in 4 continents for her destination management company has developed her skills to understand the nuances of cross-cultural branding to take products and services to market, and capture market share through philosophies of enhanced customer experiences at all steps of engagement.

These days she serves as the managing partner and Business Innovator for Ennovision, a user experience design company that helps companies design the most meaningful interactions between their customers and products on digital space.

There were a few turning points that changed the way her view the world. Her education in Environmental Sciences and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Texas at Austin heightened her awareness about the spiritual connectivity of all living things from the quantum physics and neuroscience perspective. Another was when she worked with the youth in Bangladesh. Her biggest learning there was that the world does not need saving, “we do things to give ourselves a sense of purpose and ride the wave with others hoping to create some impact.”

Her constant source of inspiration comes from her travel experiences around the world to 40 countries in 20 years and counting. They serve as her learning ground for emotional connectivity between human beings, the similarities and differences of how love and fear is expressed in the world at the individual level and how business can express their values into the world to show that they are here to make people’s lives better.

She lives in Austin and Dhaka, two of the fastest growing economies in the world. She spends her time mentoring startups, serving on non-profit boards, and speed cooking with her 3 kids. She is passionate about art, travel, yoga, nutrition, meditation and immersive experiential learning for children’s education.